Eartha Kitty’s Estate Liquidation Services

When the time comes, you need a professional on your side. 

For all your appraisal, estate sale and/or liquidation needs, please call Frances Erickson at 360-714-1832


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It would take hours to write about the whole experience leading up to hiring Franny for my estate sale. 3 years of trepidation, dread, and  reluctance.  Feeling utterly despondent and overwhelmed.  Not having a clue where to start. So let me be as clear as possible; Franny HANDLED IT. She walked into an impossible situation in early August and turned it into a hugely successful estate sale a couple of weeks later.  She was fantastic. I still don’t know how she did it.  She is overflowing with compassion and common sense.  She has vast experience and community connections.  She knows how to get people to a sale and what to do once they’re there. My fear of being taken advantage of never surfaced once with Franny; she was completely 100% above-board and honest and gave me a detailed accounting at the end.  I just can’t imagine how you can find anyone better suited to this very tricky and difficult business.  I would give her 10 stars if I could.  Thank you Franny!!   You gave me my life back. ~Ted A.

Wow. I contacted Franny to help an overwhelmed friend clear out his INSANELY packed house three years after his mother’s death. She jumped in and got to work! She sorted, organized, researched and priced an unbelievable amount (and range!) of stuff: from clothes, figurines, furniture and jewelry–to the contents of the jumbled garage. She (and her lovely staff) were understanding, professional, thorough and amazingly effective. She is a STAR (as is Molly and Augie!) Within weeks of starting the seemingly impossible task–she held a well-organized, and well-attended sale (thanks to her many followers) and suddenly a new life for my friend and that house seemed possible. The house was cleared out (EMPTY), and my friend received a great gift: a fresh start  and a generous check to get started. We couldn’t have done it without her.  ~Julie D.

Franny is the best! She is ethical, knowledgeable and “works her tail off” for you.  She may be booked out a ways BUT she is worth the wait. We were so blessed to have her services for our sale.  Jerry & Merry Cain


Franny (Eartha Kitty) was passionate, diligent, focused and very respectful from beginning to end.  She did everything she said she would do and more to help our family with the difficult process of selling our mother’s personal belongings.  She then donated what was not sold to organizations that help people who really need it. We couldn’t have made a better choice.  ~JC & Adrien


After 65 years of owning homes, Ray & Betty Pedersen came to the realization they had to move from their beautiful home in Edgemore.  We had come from Friday Harbor to Bellingham for health reasons with the accumulation of a big move from Minnapolis in 1987.

Daughter Lisa finally made it possible for us to even think about moving into a retirement community inVancouver Washinton.  She found a place called Touchmark which met the criteria of having an Olympic sized swimming pool with an adjacent huge Jacuzzi. Plus a very complete gym for strength building.
The best part is that Lisa is only 15 minutes from us across the river on 205 in Portland, Oregon.   She is finally going to be able to take care of her Mother like she has always wanted.

Betty and I did not want to move.  The trauma of selecting and packing our 2400
square foot home into a 970 square foot apartment was unimaginable.  We were quite comfortable and knew where everything was that made our life so comfortable.   When we started counting the actual household things we could feasibly take, it made us realize how much we really had left over.

I was only familiar with the neighborhood garage sale method to skim off possessions.  One of my swim pals from the local YMCA suggested I might look into an Estate Sale person with the business known as Earthakitty.  I never thought of the Estate Sale method equating it to “Downton Abbey” kind of folks.

It was our good fortune to call Earthakitty and reached Francis (Franny) Erickson.
Within a half hour she convinced me to follow her to a path of complete downsizing without touching or arranging anything.  She only wanted us to take care of all of our documents and possessions we were moving and leave everything else in place…just walk out, close the door and she will leave the house empty and ready for the future owner.

At first, I had a hard time accepting that “too good to be true” premise.  After we moved 75% of our possessions, Frances, Betty and I over-lapped in our efforts and I was privileged to be on hand to watch her and her very competent staff go thru their process of pricing and arranging the entire house…from three garages to the remote front deck.

There were some things that needed some “kind attentions” like a faulty switch, a broken speaker and a mark and gouge here and there that her assistant Brandon calmly took in his stride and took care of like the master craftsman he is.

The big day arrived for the sale and we were astounded by the crowd that lined up outside our home.  They were parked bumper-to-bumper more than three blocks further down our street and continued blocks down Chuckanut.  She advertised in all medias around Whatcom County and captured crowds both Saturday and Sunday.  The sale ending with Estate Liquidator friends coming in at the very last to sweep up anything that was left.

On top of that, it was fun to hang out in the friendly atmosphere she created with the signage and arrangement of entrance and exit.  I overheard her and her sales partners answering questions from interested buyers.  They were more knowledgeable about my possessions than I ever was.

Earthakitty deposited a nice check in my account and I was more than pleased not only with her and her staff but her business acumen and positive approach.
One thing for sure…we breathed a sigh of relief going down I-5 to our new life.

Thank you Frances!

Ray & Betty Pedersen
2927 SE Village Loop
Apt. 414
Vancouver, WA 98693

16 responses to “CONTACT & REVIEWS!!!

  1. Kimberlee Bowthorpe

    Good morning I saw your post on FB curiouser about the sale you mentioned


  2. Annette Baker

    Hi Franny, please put me on your list! Thx Annette


  3. Jane Phillips

    Hi, Please put me on your email list. Thanks! Jane


  4. Becky

    Hi, Frances,
    I sure miss your shop in Old Town. Where is it now?

    Please put me on your email list.


    • I mostly do Estate Sales now, I have a little Parlor Boutique in my home out off Mt. Baker Hwy. & Noon Rd. that I open once in a blue moon, am going to start being open more on Sundays now through the good weather months. Thanx for your interest!


  5. Can’t seem to access the photo’s for Jan 4th & 5th – Colleen


  6. Hi Franny, this is Marjie (formerly of the Old Town) wondering if you’re going to be open today (Sunday Feb. 21)…I’m looking for a mid-century style couch and wondering if you ever keep your eyes out for certain things for folks…


  7. Tammy Thiele

    Hi there! Always love when we see your pink signs…your sales are the best quality. Would love to be put on your list! Thank you!


  8. Fran Lebowitz

    Hi Franny,
    Love your estate sales. However in your descriptions, I cringe when I read, ” and lots of man stuff…” Please Franny, things aren’t male or female, they’re just things. Women can like tools and men can like dishware. This is 2018 not 1950.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Luana L Schneider

    Hi There! Love your estate sales and today I learned I can be put on your email list–way better than checking CL all the time 🙂 Would love it, Thanks, Lu


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