What to Expect at an Estate Sale?

Even Little Guys get into the act!

Long lines, a little bit of anticipation and a lot of waiting!

This is what an Estate Sale is like.  Most people get there a little early to stand in line and chat with other folks who love to look for bargains. Eartha Kitty’s has a strict NO PRESALES  Policy and pricing info is not available prior to sale.  Sometimes we have Cookies & Coffee, sometimes not, depends on the flooring, white carpet(not a good idea!)

IMPORTANT THINGS TO REMEMBER:  Those of you who like to come at the beginning of the sale and  make big piles of items to buy need to protect your pile if you don’t want others picking through it.  Lines are long and it takes time to pay for things, so if you can’t carry with you what you want and have to leave it the garage or carport, you need to cover it up with something, put SOLD on it or bring someone with you to guard your pile.  These events can get crowded and confusing at times so you need to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR PROTECTING THE ITEMS YOU WANT TO PURCHASE.  

Some of my favorite folks!

Some of my favorite folks!

WA State Sales Tax Will Be Collected.  Dealers & Resellers need to bring me a copy of their Reseller Permit for me to have on file

Please remember to bring your own wrap, bags, boxes and help to move furniture and items purchased.  Seeya There!

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