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****THE SALE THAT TIME FORGOT**** April 24th, 25th & 26th!!!!!

EARTHA KITTY PRESENTS: “THE SALE THAT TIME FORGOT”  ***ESTATE SALE*** (Collectors Pay Attention) Old HISTORIC Whatcom County Homestead Frozen in Time! 2 Old Houses FULL OF TREASURE!!! One of them Boarded up for 45 years! With Woodworking Shop, Sheds & More to Dig Through! TONS OF ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES! Antique Oak Dressing Tables, Treadle Sewing Machine, Solid Oak Round Kitchen Table & Chairs, Hope Chest & More! Old Painted Pie Safe, Mt. St. Helens Art Glass & Crystal, EAPG, Depression, Pressed, Wedgewood, UFO Pyrex Casserole, Roseville & Aunt Jemima Cookie Jar, Primitives, Lg. Tramp Art Framed Print, Victorian X-mas , Dimestore China, Camera Collection & Tons of B & W Snapshots & Photos, Old Books, Local Books & Racy Paperbacks,Lots of Vintage Eye Glasses, Boxes & Boxes of Local Ephemera, Match Box Collection, Lots of Vintage Clothing & Leather Tooled Purses, Shoes, Pocket Watches, Pocket Knives & Lighters, Cases of Vintage Costume Jewelry, Sterling Silver, Victorian Bristol Glass & Ruby Mantle Lustres, Jim Beam Bottle Trains Decanters & Bottle Collec., KING “5B” Symphony Trombone, Stacks of Old Flour Sack Quilts, Linens & Wool Blankets, Old Victorian Pump Organ, Original Artwork of Local Chuckanut Drive Scenes & More, Wooden Gear Driven Grandfather Clocks, Wooden Hand Made Items, Old Lamps & Art Prints, All Kinds of Kitchen Items from the Turn of the Century till the 1960’s, Old Bottles & Canning Jars, Cast Iron Cookware, Milk Cans, Enamelware, Antique Maytag Ringer Washer, Old Magazines, Viking Sewing Machine, Old Sewing Notions & More, 100’s of Packages of Beads for Crafting, Painting Supplies, Old Puzzles, Fishing Plugs & Reels, Antique Wooden Ducks, Tools for Woodworking, FAIRBANKS & MORSE Z ENGINE, Antique Coal Parlor Stove, Gardening & Plumbing, Old Trunks & Ammo Boxes, Antique Clocks & Radios, Hercules Safe & Lg. FIREKING File Safe, GE CHEST FREEZER, GE W/D, Gas Stove, 2 Fridges, Trash Burner, Authentic German WW2 Camo Army Helmet, Katchina Dolls, Old Luggage, HUGE Chest Freezer, 2 Old Bedroom Suites from the 1940’s & 1950’s! Whole Back Room Full of Rocks from Quartsite AZ & Lapidary Equipment to go with it all!  Sheds FULL of Lumber, Old Tools, Nuts & Bolts & Thingamajigs Galore!!!!   ALL THIS & MUCH, MUCH MORE! APRIL 24TH, 25TH & 26TH!  FRI, SAT & SUN!!!!  10-5 PM ALL 3 DAYS!  NO PRESALES!   7051 Hannegan,  Hinotes Corner Area, just past the VFW Hall! Parking is going to be a be a challenge!  Do the best you can and please do not block peoples driveways!  Park on the side of the road but be careful of traffic!  VFW Hall or 10 Mile Grange are close by. ReSellers, Please bring a copy of your ReSeller Permits for me to keep on file. CREDIT CARD, CASH OR LOCAL CHECK. Washington State Sales Tax will Be Collected. Please bring Bags & Boxes to help with your purchases and MUSCLE to move larger items Check out sale pics on my BLOG link at earthakittys.com

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***SKAGIT VALLEY HUMDINGER of an ESTATE SALE*** Coming This Weekend July 18th, 19th & 20th!!!

Longtime Local Family holds AMAZING ESTATE SALE OF EPIC PROPORTION!!! Treaures of all kinds will be sold over a 3 day Public Sale starting on Friday July 18th, Sat 19th & Sun 20th! 10AM-4PM all 3 days! NO PRE SALES! Plenty of Parking, Lots to look at and something for everyone! Antiques from the Victorian Era to the 1970’s! Tons of Colored & Crystal Glassware including Fenton Shoes & Covered Chickens, Sets of China including Desert Rose, Lusterware, Noritake & More, Crystal Stemware, Milk Glass, Collector Plates, Silver Plate, Sterling, Brass & Copper, Figurines & Kerosene Lamps of all Sizes, an Army of Cups & Saucers, Spoons, Vintage Hats & Clothes, Old Arts Prints, Old Lamps & Light Fixtures, Egg Cups, Roseville & Weller Art Pottery, Post Cards, Antique Furniture & Maple Furniture, China Cupboards, Spinning Wheel, Victorian Bird Cage, Old Radios, Linens, Hankys, Kitchen Gadgets & Cookbooks, PYREX, Dolls, Old & New, Marbles & Childrens Things,Tons of Vintage Jewelry, Old Games, Holiday & Old X-mas, Candlesticks of all Types, Sewing & Old Patterns, Graniteware, Pots & Pans, All Kinds of Novelty Items & More! Too good to Miss! Great Selection & Good Prices!

Watch for Pink Signs & Balloons, 7179 Worline Rd. off Ershig off Bow Hill Rd.

CASH OR LOCAL CHECK.  Washington State Sales Tax will Be Collected. Please bring Bags & Boxes to help with your purchases and MUSCLE to move larger items.  

Dealers & Resellers! Please bring a copy of your Reseller Permits for me to keep on file.

Check out sale pics on BLOG link at earthakittys.com

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