Frances Erickson

Estate Sale Liquidator in Bellingham, WA

My name is Frances Erickson.  I am a Certified Personal Property Appraiser living in the Bellingham area,   I am also a graduate of the Asheford Institute of Antiques and an associate of ASEL.  I love all things old and enjoy sharing my knowledge with others.  After closing my antique shop in Old Town of 20 years, I decided that appraising would be the direction to go.  I love doing Estate Sales and helping families find homes for their loved ones treasures.  I can think of nothing better than to be able to do this  the rest of my life~                                                                                                             


3 responses to “About

  1. Mark Marshall

    I am living on Lummi Island and received some salt glazed stoneware (pitcher and jug) and an early 20th Century metal tea from my mother’s estate in California. The stoneware is in good shape but the tea set is not, I know, having played with it in a sandbox as a child. I am seeking a written appraisal for these items and wondered if you are able to do that. Thank you.
    Mark Marshall


  2. Marie

    Hello, I am an antique collector and have a beautiful pair of large framed portraits that were shown in the Seattle art gallery in years past. I was hoping to get them appraised for selling. Can you point me in the right direction or assist me directly?


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